Nicole + Raj - Shaver Lake Engagement

Ryan had the pleasure of hanging out with Raj and Nicole in early June to take their engagement photos. They love the mountains and wanted to do something up in Shaver Lake. We LOVE it up there, it's gorgeous year-round, so it's one of our favorite local-ish places for engagement photos.

It's always so fun to photograph people who are so excited about their session. Everyone feels differently about taking pictures, some people are nervous, some people are worried they are awkward (and I promise, it's all in your head! You look AMAZING). These two were pumped to be there and made it the best time.

These two were ready to go and couldn't have been more excited to dance, kiss, skip, run and twirl in the mountains together. Despite being eaten alive by mosquitoes, (poor Nicole was their favorite snack that night, unfortunately...) Nicole and Raj were the best hype team! Seriously, you two are the sweetest couple and we can't wait to photograph their wedding next year!

Dress: Lulu's

Location: Shaver Lake, CA