First off, congratulations on your engagement! We hope that these tips help you ask the right questions and lead you to finding the right videographer for your special day.

Working as a wedding videographer and even hiring one for my own wedding, I understand the struggle of finding the right videographer for your special day. Most couples don’t realize that a videographer is someone they could be working with far beyond their wedding day, perhaps months after. 

The time of creating a special video should be fun for you! You shouldn’t dread or even worry about when you’re getting your video or even worse, feel like your video isn’t what you paid for.

Note: These tips can absolutely translate to looking for a wedding photographer as well for your big day!

1. Fun to work with

Getting to know your wedding photographer and videographer who will actual be at your wedding is an important step in making sure you know who you will be working with.  If you’re serious about hiring a certain photographer/videographer, you should ask to have a planning session and get to know them. Their willingness to meet is a good sign of them caring about your wedding day and making it a priority.

2. Easy going

Isn’t this the same as fun to work with? Well kinda! Your wedding day can be long and emotional day for you and being filmed all day whether you are used to it or not is an experience. Someone who is calm can help ease the stress and worry of your day. You don’t want someone who will add unnecessary stress to this important day.

3. Storyteller

When looking back at your wedding photos or film years from now, it should teleport you right back to your wedding day. You want to make sure your photographer/videographer can tell your unique story of the day so you can experience it time and time again. 

4. Clear

Make sure you are clear about what you will be getting from your photographer/videographer and when you will be getting it. Understanding what you are paying for is important part of setting expectations, talking through this also helps the photographer/videographer knows what is important to you.

5. Budget

There is a lot that goes into creating high quality photos and films from equipment, prep, physical demands and of coarse the editing time. The whole process of creating a special wedding video or photo gallery can be costly. If you feel like you're getting a to good to be true deal, you might be, the quality of your photos and video might lack in quality. When shopping for a photographer, make sure you are fair with yourself in the price point you're looking. When searching for a videographer, plan a budget similar to what you have set aside for your photographer, maybe even more. Just note, finding a budget photographer and/or videographer might not have the results you were hoping for. 

We understand finding photographer and videographer you can trust is hard and we are here to help in whatever way we can during your search. Abbott Photo + Film is passionate about creating memorable photos and wedding films that tell a story of the most important day of your life. We are professional, fun and we make it a priority to get to know our couples so we understand what is important to them. We offer the highest quality photos and films using the highest quality of industry leading equipment..

Feel free to reach out to us here if you have any questions.